Scouting Report – Anthony Barr

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December 13, 2013 by Charles McDonald

anthony barr


Anthony Barr

Defensive End/Outside Linebacker – UCLA

6’4″ 235lbs

Projection: Top 5 selection


-Elite closing burst

-Tremendous effort, never gives up on plays

-Explosive burst off the ball, beats many offensive tackles off the snap

-Strong work ethic, was a fullback two seasons ago

-Bends hips and “runs the hoop” extremely well

-Elite agility

-Elite speed for the position

-Effective in coverage, but still learning

-Almost limitless potential


-Needs to develop pass rush moves, tends to bull down the middle of offensive linemen

-Could put on some weight for the next level

-Needs to continue to develop coverage techniques

-Tends to play a little out of control when there is potential for a big play

-Still a little raw and depends on his elite athleticism to make plays

-Needs to work on fighting off run blocks


Anthony Barr went from being a backup fullback for the Bruins to exploding onto the scene in 2012 with 13.0 sacks. In 2013, he proved his season wasn’t a fluke with 10 sacks. He is an elite athlete with almost limitless ability to become a dominant player in the NFL. If can perfect pass rush moves, he will become an unstoppable force at the next level capable of being a game changer.

NFL Comparison: Aldon Smith


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