Lovie Smith Landing Spots

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January 14, 2013 by Charles McDonald

After going 10-6 and falling one game short of a playoff berth with the Chicago Bears, Lovie Smith was inexplicably fired. During his tenure with the Bears, they were constantly ranked towards the top in defense. Smith should be a hot coaching commodity and with a few solid pieces on defense he can really help turn a team around. There are two teams that would be perfect fits for Lovie Smith.

The Philadelphia Eagles would be a great landing spot for Lovie Smith. They have some solid pieces on defense with Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, and Demeco Ryans. Trent Cole, who had a down year, could potentially revitalize his career with Lovie Smith at the helm. Brandon Boykins, a young cornerback who had a good rookie season, is a nice piece for Lovie Smith to have at his disposal. On offense, they have one of the best running backs in the NFL in LeSean McCoy and a potential franchise quarterback in Nick Foles who is loaded with upside.

Another team is the Jacksonville Jaguars. They have a few solid pieces on defense in C.J. Mosley, Austen Lane, and Daryl Smith. If given a few years, he could build the defense into becoming upper echelon. The offense needs a lot of work with quarterback Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne who were both anemic last year. If they can find a quarterback, I believe Lovie Smith could turn the jaguars into a perennial playoff contender as long as he is given a few season.


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